About Us

It all started as a family business in a small shop in Mardin in 1889. The family took pride in providing freshly roasted nuts to the locals, a staple in the region's food culture. They began by roasting chickpeas, almonds, pistachios and small melon seeds. While their product list was small, this allowed them to perfect their trade and recipes, setting new benchmarks for quality and taste. 

By 1940 and 50 successful years later, Mr. Amsih Bassé had ambitions to expand the business into the neighbouring country of Syria. His mission was simple, to take what he had learned over the years and continue providing the family's signature roasted nuts across the border. With an expanding menu which now included roasted hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, Mr. Bassé quickly established the same reputation his family spent years building in their home country. He continued success over the years was met with great demand, prompting the opening of a second store in Syria. 

30 years later, it was time to pass the reins to Amsih's son, Mr. Farid Bassé, who spent 28 years working along-side his father, learning the ins and outs of the family business. Farid's store became the first to house a nut roasting machine in Syria. The efficiency of the machine and knowledge passed down through generations sparked a new era in the family's tradition. 

In 1989, Farid moved his family to Montréal, Canada, with a continued desire to do what he knows best. While facing the challenge of being in a completely new market across the world, he opened his first store  with the same vision as his father. With a foundation built over many decades, it was no surprise that Farid was able to expand to four locations across Montréal. Now, the next generation brings you WeRoastNuts.com, offering a convenient way to explore and experience over 100 products, delivered to your doorstep. We guarantee every order is freshly made and packaged to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality and service established over the last century.

Farid at his new store in 1972.